Route to a world class marine conglomerate


Weighed anchor

In 1969, Baby Marine Ventures sailed into the fishing industry with a fleet of trawlers for catching and harvesting seafood products in Kerala. Within a short span, they were one of the largest fishery companies in Kerala. It provided the impetus we needed to expand to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Mumbai.



We cast the net wide

In 1976, we acquired a seafood export plant in Kozhikode, Kerala and invested in the latest technology to enhance production capacity. In 1977, Baby Marine Ventures started exporting to Europe, USA, Japan, the Middle East, Far East, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.


A refreshing sea change

The baton was handed over to the next generation in 2002, who put in place a slew of measures that has resulted in enhanced productivity and seamless delivery.

Current Scenario

Baby Marine Ventures has risen to become one of the prominent players in the Indian Seafood industry with state-of-the-art factories approved for export across the world. From catching, harvesting, processing, freezing to transportation & logistics, our team ensures everything is done seamlessly. Currently we are also one of the largest producers of Frozen Head-On Shrimps in India.